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The still, small voice.......

When attuned, quiet and centered in the Heart with God, He does speak to us. The message is not necessarily a spoken one, it can be a feeling, an inner knowing, or a sign. We must hold that attunement and discern the message. I am always awed at how my questions and prayers are answered.

This week, reflecting on how everything everywhere seems to be falling apart, I prayed for peace, for the divisiveness and division to cease. Everything is interconnected, discord between people influences broader discordant energies in families, communities and nations. Left unchecked the entire planet and all lifestreams will be caught up in an acclerating downward spiral - seemingly bottomless and unending in the breadth of the sphere of negativity - ever broadening, ever intensifying. As I concluded my morning prayer work, ready to begin the day, my prayerbook opened, on its own to the prayer I share here 'A Decree for Brotherhood'. I am reminded of George Washington's vision at Valley Forge and the counsel given by God's Angel to 'remember, Ye are Brethren...' We, across the Earth, are all Brethren. We may not feel it always, yet simply by being one race, beings of Light descended from the heart of God there is no denying we are kin, we are children of the Most High God, by whatever name we know Him.

As mortals, we want harmony in our families and among our children. Does God desire any less for His progeny? I think not.

We are in a turning of cycles, a spiritual war is in play, Light vs. darkness. It is a war for Souls and the Earth. Darkness cannot abide where Light is. It must embrace Light, else be consumed by Light. God holds all the solutions to our problems, from the personal up to the planetary. Let us see the Light within ourselves and others and know that if we each move past our own criticisms and judgements of self and others, the portal is open for God to come in and do the work. When we are Light, standing in Light, we are an impenetrable, indefatigable forcefield through which nothing dark can pass.

Remember, Ye are Brethren!


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