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God's Qualities in Color

Image by Greg Nunes

Greg Nunes Photo

     How often have you marvelled at the beauty of a rainbow after a tumultuous storm? The rainbow is more than the final sentence in the story of Noah and the Ark.  In that story, the rainbow is God’s promise to never again destroy the world by flood.  How often do you feel tsunami’s in your own personal world?  When you turn on the news, do you see ‘storms’ in the mass human consciousness?

     Each color of the rainbow signifies a quality of God. Each day of the week magnifies that quality, the quality gets a ‘boost’.  Think of each color, each ray, as a flame, a God Flame.  When we visualize the Flame surrounding, penetrating a condition or situation, when we specifically apply it during our spiritual work, or prayer, we are focusing that God Energy.  The focus makes for more precise, intense, expanded results.  The results are tangible, we not only see them, we feel them.

     There is power here.  Understanding the color qualities is the first step.  Once we know what they stand for we can make them part of our spiritual work for personal and planetary transformation.

       Click the link below for a brief teaching about the Rainbow Qualities of God:

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