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So you see, Peace is not necessarily a condition, but it is the power to hold the forces of the sun. Take this to heart, beloved. For to hold such power, you must be God-centered.”

 - Elohim of Peace PoW Vol. 40 No. 45

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Let There Be Peace On EarthThe Boys Choir of Harlem
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Dear Friends,


   When you seek Peace, what is it that you look for?  Are you seeking quiet?  Are you seeking harmony, rest, a sense of being unburdened?  Relief from these conditions results from having achieved God peace, the peace to weather all storms and to keep on keeping on.  It is the power of Peace that leads to Peace. 

     Peace is the power by which chaos and violence are converted.


     Hear the words of the Mighty Elohim Peace and Aloha about peace as power.


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