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Mechanized Man

Technology: Blessing and Curse in One

We live in an age of ever-expanding technological advances. I vividly remember visiting Disney's Epcot center in my youth. In that big 'golf ball' that greets us at the gate was a vision into a world where someday we would shop from home via computer. Yes, it was the vision of 'The Jetson's' coming alive!

How far we have come! The advances of the last 50 or so years is extraordinary and has added wondrous, positive things to our lives. As is sometimes the case, it brings a darkness also. We, as a people, have become so focused on technology that our connectedness is on shaky ground. Some look at technology as the Holy Grail that may someday make the blind see and the lame walk. Others love the shear convenience that chip implants bring.

As said, there are positive and negative sides of this Age we live in. As I contemplated both sides, I was moved to deliver this sermon on the topic. I spoke in November 2022.

Today is January 22, 2023 and I have decided to write here on the topic because in this short window, conversations on the topic have increased. Agendas are becoming visible. I leave you to consider the gains and the risks we are faced with as there is a greater and greater push to artificial intelligence and trans-humanism.

Is the end game driven by altruism or is their something diabolical afoot? I believe there is much at stake. Hear, ponder my message, and decide.


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