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Why Is Reincarnation Biblical?


     Have we lived more than one life?  Spiritual paths of the East tend to support the concept of multiple embodiments.  Some will say we are spiritual beings having a human experience; but to what purpose?

     The Christian path teaches one life and the doctrine of vicarious atonement.  The councils of the early church spent much time deciding what books would remain in the Christian Bible, in both the old and new testaments.  The Nag Hammadi Scriptures speak of the origins of man and multiple embodiments.  In fact, in the Christian bible, there are a references to reincarnation that were not scrubbed.

     What would be the purpose of a singular embodiment?  If we are creating in the image of God we would be born pure and incorrupt.  How then, do we explain the pain and suffering we experience?  Our Heavenly Father would have to be psychotic to thrust such things on His children. 

     This teaching on reincarnation might answer some questions and perhaps invite more for you to explore in your spiritual journey.

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