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Working with the Violet Flame

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      Working with the violet flame is very easy and the benefits are immeasurable!  Imagine seeing a more happy and abundant life unfold in direct correlation to your invoking of the violet flame!

        Today’s practice will walk through how to use a mantra.  A mantra is a word, or phrase repeated to aid concentration in meditation or in other places in our spiritual practice.


            The Mantra:

                          Come! Violet flame and blaze through me!

                        Come! Violet flame and set me free!

                        Come! Violet Flame blaze through and set me free!

     To work with the mantra for maximum impact visualize yourself, another individual, group, situation or event immersed in dancing tongues of violet fire.     See the flame surround and penetrate through and through – drilling in, seeking out anything discordant in nature.  As you recite the mantra with strength and confidence, see the alchemical action erase all negative energies, records or emotions. See them transmuted into pure, white, positive energy.


         Feel comfort, mercy and forgiveness as this Divine cosmic eraser liberates you from your burdens.


        The the violet flame leads to freedom from the sense of struggle in life.  The more you work with it, the more you will be able to magnetize positive situations, opportunities, energy and people into your life.  Negative habits and behaviors naturally begin to fall away, you become better expressions of yourself.  It takes time, most of us have accumulated a lot of ‘stuff’ by living on this planet and it CAN be cleared!  While you will feel an improvement with each use of the flame, it is the regular use – the chipping away of accumulated debris that will give you a freedom that you never thought possible!

          Do it in the car, in the shower, in the garden; wherever you are JUST DO IT!  There is no required block of time to be effective – the effectiveness comes by your being focused, centered and in attunement with the Divine.  So don’t fret about allocating time, the universe does not impose rigid rules on the loving heart.  Go for 5 minutes 4x a day, or a 1/2 hour once a day,  or 1 minute 15x a day; you get the picture, the more the better but  SOMETHING is better than NOTHING!

          Change yourself and the world changes with you.

Seize YOUR  Victory!

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