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My Personal Journey

Program Director and Founder,

Linda Czaplinski

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     My spiritual journey started at the age of 12 with a copy of 'The Good News'.  The book was the modern version of the New Testament - I went straight to the Book of Revelation and realized there was something I was searching for.  Over the years, I spent time in different Churches, moving on because I never had that 'aha!' moment.

     Some years later I discovered the teachings of the Ascended Masters.  These Masters are from ALL faiths, in the West we know them as the Saints.  I learned that everything I need to walk their paths, to reunite - wholly reunite - with God was already inside of me waiting to be cultivated and nurtured.  This inner Spirit wanted to grow and stood ready and waiting, I needed only to recognize and accept it is there in order to release it.  Traveling this path, becoming more Light myself, I found that part of my Divine Blueprint is to serve life in a multi-faceted way.  This realization led me to be ordained as a minister in a mystical order, an order that is not constrained by doctrine or dogma of one specific faith path.  I embrace the fundamental truths of all paths.  


     I lead study groups using books from various spiritual paths, both mainstream and esoteric.  I develop programs from the ground up based on the teachings of the Ascended Masters. Some teachings we recognize as part of the mainstream while others have been under-emphasized or completely suppressed.  These latter teachings are somewhat of a missing link - they hold keys to self-transformation and answers to questions that we have been told are 'mysteries', and far beyond mortal comprehension.  


   As part of my deep, insatiable desire to help anywhere  there is burden, I have spent time providing pastoral support in a healthcare setting.  I have spent time with people suffering from mental health and substance abuse issues; I have worked in intensive care units.  I have supported individuals and their families as end of life approaches.  I have been in trauma rooms supporting patients and families of vehicle accidents, cardiac arrest and attempted suicide.  Where there is hurt, you will find me.

     Here on my website I share everyday spiritual principles with practical application that allow a person to expand spiritually.  I seek to illuminate the blocks to personal growth so they may be overcome.

     It does not matter what your church or your faith background.  God, by whatever name you know Him, will meet you wherever you are.  You do not need to 'give up' your church.  I was raised mainstream Christian and feel I have not left the Church, I've merely moved beyond the dogma that was unable to teach me how to be fully one with God while on Earth.  My journey is one of expansion.

     I hope you enjoy what is offered here and have the opportunity to participate in a live program.  Please subscribe for updates or check back frequently as the offerings will continue to grow.

    " Only with God are we able to move from feeling like there is a hole in the soul to feeling like our soul is whole."   © LFC 2018

     Will you join me on this journey to spiritual wholeness?


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