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The Violet Flame

What is it and why do I need it?

     Each color of the rainbow carries distinct qualities of the Divine. Violet bears the qualities of mercy, forgiveness and transmutation, or change.  It has the highest frequency of all colors.


     The violet flame is a cosmic eraser in the literal sense. When applied, it begins to scrub away at anything we carry within our consciousness, intellect, emotions or physical body that is negative and thus harmful.  Biblically, we know it as the Lake of Fire.  Whatever goes into the fire is re-qualified; that is to say an unclean substance (negative energy) is placed in the fire and it comes out clean (positive energy).  This action is referred to as Alchemy.

Many of us have heard of Alchemists, a person who practices Alchemy.  The term usually produces an image of medieval wizards in long robes.  There is a lot of mystery around alchemy but the premise is that an alchemist works to change (transmute) base metals (ie lead) into gold, which is a metal of great value.  They have also been known to remove imperfections from precious gems.


     When we apply the violet flame we become Alchemists of a spiritual nature.  We draw on the qualities of the Divine to dissolve the knots of human creation that cause unhappiness, misery and suffering.  When generally invoked, the violet flame will begin to work on the most recent record of negativity and once dissolved, move on to the next – hence, it travels backward in time.


     We can utilize this general clearance and we can also be specific and DIRECT the flame into a situation, feeling or event that is troubling, troublesome or has caused us physical or emotional discomfort.  It doesn’t matter if it happened today, yesterday, last week or ten years ago – we have the power to transmute that which weighs upon us.

We should work with it daily to really begin scrubbing away at the ‘stuff’ we’ve received or sent out that should never have occurred.  Invoke it wherever you are  – at your personal altar or prayer space, in your car, in the shower – anywhere, just DO IT!


     The violet flame can work in and for you to remove the energies and records that stand in the way of healing all that afflicts mind, body and soul.


    Go here more on the violet flame and how to apply it.

For a brief teaching on other colors and their Divine qualities see  God’s Qualities in Color

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