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Image by Paul Zoetemeijer

There must be a moment in your life when you say:  “I will let no man take my crown of joy! I will stand and still stand. I will find the joy in every happening, in every occurrence I see."

- Beloved Jesus, The Christ Vol. 35 No.69 

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Dear Friends,

    In your mind’s eye, create a graph measuring your Joy level over time.  What does that graph look like?  Are there peaks and valleys that seem to coincide with initiations and karma come due, is it affected by the ebbs and flows of the mass consciousness?  If it trends straight, showing constancy, is it a constant high or a constant low?


   I have a dear friend who has had difficulty after difficulty throughout her life and her faith never waivers.  When I told her she is my inspiration to always be joyful, her response was 'Linda, there is so much to be happy about!'

    Let us listen to the words of the Master Jesus about this Crown of Joy and mark the calendar for Coronation.  Let us resolve to wear this Crown of our birthright.


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