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Suicide - The Myth of Escape


     Every day there are those who succumb to their burdens.   Sadly, in general suicide is on the rise.  The suffering believe that death is the way out; not so, the pain follows into the afterlife.  Suicides leaves a trail of tears behind, in some cases catastrophically affecting those who they would never wish to harm.

We hear beautiful tales of the afterlife from people who have had near death experiences.  One brave woman, Angie Fenimore, tells the story of her own near-suicide experience.

     Please watch my teaching on suicide where I address the literal battle between Light and darkness for the soul and offer some tools for Spiritual combat.  Please then view Angie's video , a first hand account that gives the proof there is nothing to gain by the taking of your own life.  What follows may be even darker than the demons faced in embodiment.

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