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You are as a seed

Just as a seed is born of a flower, destined to become a flower in its own right, so are you a seed from the flower that is God.  You are unique, yet identical, to the Source from which you came.

The seed falls to the Earth. Nestled in the dirt, it readies itself for birth.  The flower within breaks through the shell and reaches upward, toward the sun.  It is the sunlight that sparks the birth of the flower. In its full color and bloom, it exalts the miracle of nature for each to produce after its own kind. So it is with you and the Creator.

The Divine Spark of that One dwells within you.  It is nestled in the heart, within the mortal shell.  The Light is calling it forth to break through, to reach for the sun and give birth to the Divine Manchild, the Seed, the Son of God.

Will you open your heart and nuture the Divine Spark within?

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