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Freedom in the Heart of God -Will you be free with me?

Photo by Marcus Wallis

Please do something with me.

I want you to focus a moment on your breathing. Place your attention on your face. Notice the feeling of freedom as you draw in oxygen rich air, observe how your lungs expand – how your whole body is filled. As you exhale, pay attention to the outflow, the freedom of letting go, unencumbered. Concentrate on the nakedness of your face and the freedom of breathing. You are free. You were created in the image and likeness of God; you are free because God is free. You are a God-Free Being.

I reject the notion that human beings are dirty, contaminated creatures spreading sickness and death. I reject the notion that the only way to keep one person well is for everyone else to deprive themselves of the free flow of oxygen that feeds every cell. Oxygen is a fuel that powers the engines of our physical bodies. It is crucial to sustaining the Life Force.

I reject the notion that isolation and lack of touch sustains vibrant health.

Without oxygen humans die. Without touch we do not thrive, we wither.

No one man, or group of men, has the right to deprive a person of the Life’s energy sources given us by our Creator. We need to breathe freely, to be with one another. We must nurture and sustain one another through Fellowship, through touch, as our Maker intended. We are meant to gather together.

When I step into the public square and look out into a sea of faceless individuals whose personal identity is imprisoned, it burdens my soul. I want to know who you are! Every ONE of you! Are you young, old, man, woman – infect me with your SMILE. Let my face show empathy and compassion to you if you wear a frown.

Reclaim your right to BE as a God-Free Being. When I see you, when I am with you let us touch. Let us hold hands, let us laugh together until we cry or cry together until the tears are spent and we can smile at the catharsis. And, let us do this with free faces. I want to see every line in your face whether they express joy, sorrow, anger or fear. I want to experience your emotions through the way your eyes, cheeks, mouth and brow form to tell me what you are feeling.

I don’t want to be afraid to be God-Free when I am around you, or you around me. I don’t want either of us to shrink or hold back from reaching out, getting close, because someone, somewhere has decided we should be the lab rats in an experiment on human behavior.

Come, be a God-Free Being with me!

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