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If there is only one, which one is it?

Photo by Paul Talbot

     When there is a cacophony of activity and sound, it can be challenging to move into the silence of the heart and discern fact from fiction. I feel this is especially true when considering the many faith paths of our world. Over the years, I have pondered whether there is a 'one true religion' or if all religions lead to the same place, the place of reunion with the Creator. The religious persecution taking place around the world prompts me to share my thoughts. We are seeing not only intolerance, but outright suppression and persecution. No one, anywhere has the authority to deny a person religious liberty.

     Is my God a loving God or an angry God that would deny reunion if one were born at the wrong place or in the wrong time? I think back to travel and communication constraints which existed during the different ages that gave birth to the many spiritual paths. There have been multiple prophets and messengers over the centuries. Inquire in the different communities, Christian, Buddhist, Islam, Hindu, Jewish, Hare Krisna, Zoroastrianism (the list goes on), and you will likely find people who feel they walk a true path and are saved while those walking other paths are doomed. What if I had been brought up with teachings of the Buddha, long before Christ brought his message of salvation to the world; would I be grandfathered in for salvation if I had led a God centered life?  Or, would I be in limbo, with no place to go because I was not in that space and time to receive the message?  Would my God reject me?

    What if all faiths deliver the same message yet simply have different practices on how to get to the Heavenly realms? What if I had never been exposed to religion yet had a fire in the heart that told me there was something greater so I lived a life of love and harmony? Would God deny me if I never knew His name but led a life He could be pleased with?  I believe God welcomes us irrespective of which road we take home to Him.  Foundationally, I have observed, there is a common thread in the sacred texts of the world's religions - love and the golden rule.  The various paths are more alike than they are different. 

    I choose to live in the white fire core of God nestled in my heart, to embrace each and every child of God without judgment.  I embrace community, the brick-and-mortar buildings where people come together in the physical yet, I believe the one true church resides in a man's heart, the place where God dwells.  As I attend this church in the heart I find myself in the world but not of the world. Seeing the God presence in all, I am freed from the pitfalls of spiritual pride. I share what I have learned to those who are interested, and, I listen in earnest to others lest I miss a valuable teaching. I believe we are all connected through a filigree of God's Love and Light, Heart to Heart, Soul to Soul, one body of God, by whatever name we know Him.

I believe ALL roads lead home.

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