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COVID19, Part 6: The Healing Thoughform

Jonatan Pie

In this COVID19 series I've shared practices for protection, putting on the armor of God, and use of the violet flame to erase this affliction in its entirety. Now, I want to talk about healing.  

Let us acknowledge that healing is needed for more than removing COVID19 from the physical body. This scourge has infiltrated every aspect of our lives. The virus reaches further than some may realize.

Consider the effects the pandemic has had? Think about the areas of life suffering from dis-ease? There can be deep distress in the emotional body. Think of the pitch of feelings surrounding you. There is fear, panic, uncertainty, isolation. There are feelings of loneliness and aloneness. There is anger, there is despair. Lack, loss of livelihood. There is no letup from the relentless public service campaign. Indeed, if I pick up a paper, turn on the news, six months into this world with COVID19 it looks like almost nothing else is going on.  

Do you take time to escape the drone, still the mind, and heal the senses? 

Everything, EVERYTHING, we experience is stored in our conscious, subconscious or unconscious minds.  The good and the not so good. We must feel whole and healthy in our four lower bodies - etheric, mental, emotional and physical - if we are to thrive.  Remember - COVID19's changes brought a systemic loss to all.  We have all lost something; have you identified what you, personally, have lost?

God's healing flame is a vibrant, living, moving, breathing, celestial emerald-toned green. Send it forth in your meditations, send it forth in your spoken word, SEE it going into all those spaces and places and people and feelings. Wrap it around every single place of dis-ease, sadness, pain and confusion. Infuse it with the violet transmuting flame and see burdens dissolve, the person and situation being restored to wholeness.

Here are mantras to help restore wholeness to you, loved ones and our planet.

Dancing flame of emerald green

From God's heart, all serene,

Bathe me with your healing light

Restoring power, make things right

Come! Violet flame and blaze through me!

Come! Violet Flame and set me free!

Come! Violet flame blaze through and set me free!


For COVID19 Parts 1 - 5, please return to the main blog page.

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