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A Spiritual Response to COVID19 Part 2

    Friends, in last week's blog I shared with you some calls to be made for protection and resolution to the COVID19 virus. Today, I'd like to kick it up a notch. I have created a guided meditation with spoken word, visualization and music to direct the violet flame into everything that COVID has impacted or affected. If you are not familiar with the violet flame and how it works go here.

    I invite you to use this meditation individually and to come together in groups for even greater concentration. Please participate as often as possible. Giving it once will help and the more we do this, the faster and greater the response. Remember, Earth is the plane of free will, if we wish to have the robust assistance of the Heavenly Hosts, we must invoke them in each 24 hour cycle.

    I hope you enjoy the meditation and I hope you will share it with others. As always, feedback welcomed!

Stay safe, stay healthy.


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