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What's Stuck in your Aura?

Purge negative energy through meditation

     Have you ever gotten spun up or dragged down, taken a step back, and thought ‘where is THAT coming from?!’ When reflecting on a mood, reaction, stress, or feelings of anxiety, have you ever felt that your behavior is out of character with your real self?  When going to the mall feels like running the Gauntlet, or watching the news becomes draining and agitating, it’s time to look deeper.


     We are all part of an energy field that extends beyond our own physical being.  We are impacted by our own energy patterns, those of the people and groups with whom we interact, and the energy generated on a planetary scale. Our personal energy field, or aura, can take on the positive and negative activity around us. We can become unwitting carriers, and thus multipliers, of mass effluvia.  Would you like to ‘carry’ more happiness and less negativity? Invoke the Violet Flame.


     Violet has the highest frequency in the color spectrum.  We can direct this flame into the core of our cells and our memory body to transmute the negative records that have accumulated. By re-qualifying this energy we clear the way to more consistently be the contented, balanced individuals that we truly are.  When we improve our personal world, there is a ripple affect that improves the world at large.


     Contact us for more information and to schedule this presentation for your group.

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