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Shifting Consciousness

      This program introduces simple, practical ways to begin our shift from a mortal to a Divine consciousness.


     Our attitude has an affect on our overall physical and emotional health as well as our material success.  Gratitude has proven to be an indicator of quality of life and longevity in our older years.  The mind/body connection is undeniable.


     Building upon this we can look to authors/teachers Napoleon Hill, Robert Schuller, Robert Tennyson Stevens and Catherine Ponder. Each teaches that we are able to manifest what we desire through  a God-inspired positive attitude and constructive language.  Our physical mind creates the vision of that which we wish to create but it is through the heart, the dwelling place of God, that it is made manifest.


     What this program does is to take these principles and apply them to the health of the soul, the spirit.   We know God as an omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent power – a perfect, infallible Being.  By contrast, humans can view themselves as broken and imperfect from a spiritual perspective. It is a life’s journey to grow each day to be better than the day before.  When we stumble and fall, especially in places we know are unhealthy, sometimes the soul becomes burdened with a sense of decreasing worth.  Unless we are able to tangibly feel God’s presence we may be unable to climb out of the abyss of despair.


     This program is designed to teach people how to tap into the Divine Presence within their own heart, to gradually feel a tangible and expanding presence that grows in power over time.  Through focus on that connection and powerful mantras positively affirming worth, success, forgiveness and health, the individual is able to create a better outlook, strength and resolve.  It is a change in consciousness – change your mind, change your world.  We are restoring the soul, reminding the individual that if we believe we are created in the image and likeness of God, as said in scripture, that God dwells within us and can pull us out of the deepest of canyons or back from the edge of the steepest precipice.


     This event is non-sectarian and non-denominational. It embraces positive spiritual themes common in many faith backgrounds. It can be embraced by any person who believes in a Higher Power irrespective of where they are in spiritual attainment.  This program is constructed to benefit the person who is simply seeking additional spiritual tools as well as someone feeling distress and needs spiritual tools to carry them through a dark time and beyond.

     Contact us for more information and to schedule this presentation for your group.


All are welcome.





Only through God can we move from feeling like there is a hole in the soul to feeling like our soul is whole.   ©LFC 2018

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