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Transmute Negative Records

Clear the dams that block the full flow of the Abundant Life

     We are  made of four segments called the Four Lower Bodies.  Each segment is a sheath with distinct frequencies.

  •      The Etheric body contains the memory of all that has ever occurred in the soul and all impulses it has ever sent         out.

  •      The Mental body holds cognitive faculties; when purified, it can become the vessel of the Higher Self through             strengthened attunement

  •      The Desire body records emotions

  •      The Physical body is our flesh and blood container


     These segments have a counterpart in the passage of time.  Seasonally, they are  Etheric = Winter; Mental = Spring; Emotional = Summer; Physical = Fall.  We can also chart the cycles in our own personal year which begins on our birthday.  Think of this as a Cosmic Clock.  We enter a new cycles of opportunity every day, we have the ability to write a new chapter in the Book of Life on a clean white page.  We are our own Author.

     We are impacted by our own thoughts, words and deeds, those of the people and groups with whom we interact, and those generated on a planetary scale. Both positive and negative records accrue in our sheaths.

     Violet has the highest frequency of all colors in the spectrum; it is a cosmic eraser.  The Violet Flame produces perfection when called into action.  Through a guided meditation using visualization, spoken word and music, we will transmute accumulated negative records from our bodies. This action makes way for the precipitation of more, and greater, positive things in our lives as like attracts like. When we improve our personal world, there is a ripple affect that improves the world at large.

     Contact us for more information and to schedule this presentation for your group.

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