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In all things, where goes your mind, so goes your energy....

Jeremy Bishop

     As a spiritual being having a human experience, I am conscious of my interconnectedness to all life. I am aware that my energy goes beyond me, it travels and has the potential to impact others. My emotional reaction to the Covid19 illness is no different.

     Each must discern on his own what he must do in the wake of this sickness. I am not here to comment on what I feel is the appropriate response. I am here to remind everyone that there is a spiritual component to this - we can protect ourselves AND mitigate the chaos. If I respond in a measured way, rather than panic, the energy I put forth is just that. My balanced energy is picked up by those around me. If I operate from a place of fear and chaos, that is what will ripple outward. The hoarding, the empty shelves, is driven by the larger consciousness of fear. If we all were to operate from a place of balance 'what do I need for now' instead of 'OMG! I won't be able to leave the house for WEEKS!' there would be enough to go around for all of us. It is the consciousness of lack that has created the chaos. A consciousness of abundance will manifest another outcome.

     We all wish to be protected in our health, the health of those we love, our freedom and the protection of our finances. Let me share with you some spiritual tools to implement. I suggest using them daily for maximum effect.

Mantra for Safety and Abundance

I AM, I AM, I AM* the Resurrection and the Life of the security of the United States of America and the abundant life herein.

*I AM refers to the God presence within. When saying I AM, we are affirming whatever follows, we are creating. Abundance here is for physical and material health.

Call for Protection

In the name of the Christ, I call to my own guardian Angels, Archangel Michael, the Mighty Seraphim of God and the Hosts of Light serving the quality of God's protection. I call for you to place concentric rings of white and blue fire protection around me and my loved ones from the heart of God. Let these rings intensify, magnify, expand, multiply and amplify without ceasing, protecting us from all pathogens and the effects of the doom and gloom consciousness. Let our forcefields be as teflon that not only are we unaffected, let us also not serve as unwitting, unwilling carriers of anything less than the Light of God that always prevails, to any other part of life whatsoever.

For Resolution

Beloved God Almighty, Creator of all that is holy and sacred, I call for a mighty infusion of your Light that always prevails into the governments, healthcare systems and research facilities in all nations. I call for the immediate descent of your omniscient solutions in diagnostics and recovery involving COVID19. I call for a balanced approach by our leaders to safety and the preservation of liberty. I call for the instantaneous binding of the spread of COVID19 and the immediate transmutation of a mass consciousness of fear, of doom, of apocalyptic scenarios. Make way, make haste, for the expansion of your Light for hope, optimism and recovery of physical health and the economies of nations and individuals. Let your will be served.

These are simply guidelines, of course personalize for your own needs and situation.

If we remember that with God all things our possible, that the Creator is omniscient and omnipotent, we can conquer any foe. One with God does an army make!!!


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